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WPO, in partnership with Wealthengine, provides database analysis which is a wealth and influence-screening tool that isolates your most financially capable prospects and provides hard asset information including income, stock holdings, pension assets, and influence and business affiliation. The service also identifies philanthropically inclined prospects by reviewing their foundation affiliations and gifts to other nonprofits and federal elections. Our research allows you to apply ratings and scores to systematically understand your donors and prospects and uncover new opportunities.


WPO can assist you in developing a comprehensive review of your records to quickly identify the top constituents with the greatest propensity and capacity to give.


  • Identify donors with the best ability & propensity to give

  • Save time and get to the heart of your fundraising targets

  • Custom predictive models to predict giving and determine the right ask

  • Establish a data-driven cultivation strategy for each of your donor/prospect pools

  • Segment and prioritize your database and/or prospect lists


You can have comprehensive and user-friendly research to give you a complete picture and wealth profile on your donors and prospects.


  • Online platform to research current and prospective donors

  • Generate, save and export individual wealth profiles

  • Append your database with data across 30+ sources

  • Leverage key ratings and client relationships to prioritize prospects


The system provides prospect ratings & scores


  • Propensity to Give

  • Gift Capacity Rating

  • GiftCapacityRange

  • Estimated Giving Capacity

  • Inclination

  • Influence

  • Accredited Investor

  • Planned Giving – Bequest, Annuity and Trust

  • Assets

  • Lifestyle

  • Family & Biography

  • Family Foundations

  • Real Estate

  • Business

  • Philanthropic Giving

  • Federal & State Election Contributions


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