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Feasibility Studies

A fund raising feasibility study tells an organization not only whether a capital or endowment campaign can be successful but also how it can be successful.  Used in the marketing of a proposed campaign, this practical tool provides valuable insight and information to the organization from its board of directors, its donors and members, and important community, foundation and corporate leaders regarding the leadership and financial support available to raise money for new facilities or endowing programs. When properly conducted and evaluated, the feasibility study examines the whole organization in order to ensure it has the highest probability for success in its efforts before it embarks on a campaign.


Several areas of public opinion are normally surveyed, primary of which are the following:


  • The organization's current public image and the level of general public awareness of its programs and services


  • The appropriate timing for a campaign effort.


  • If any competing campaigns or fund raising efforts would hinder the availability of leadership or financial support.


  • The fund raising capability and commitment of the various members of Board and supporting Committees or Councils.


  • The current and future economic trends and projections for the area.


  • The availability of pace-setting gifts needed to achieve the financial goal.


  • The interest level of local community leaders relating to active participation in the organization of the proposed campaign.


  • If the proposed campaign would have broad-based financial support from businesses, foundations, individuals and organizations capable of making significant financial gifts.


  • How readily the community leadership and prospective donors accept the urgency of the proposed plans.


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